1. Memories

From the recording Deadweight

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The snow falls lightly on the ground
And there’s not a soul around
The echoes in the empty halls
Reveal the folly of it all

No shades of grey
So far away

Compassion is subtle in this simulated home
But still he tries to make the grade
Attachment is labored when you only have the phone
And all that’s said’s a masquerade
But still he prays

As ivy slowly climbs the walls
Precision makes the time just crawl
But still it’s never quite enough
Always afraid they’ll call his bluff

Oppressive surroundings they will often leave a mark
A pressing need to fill the void
Unyielding comparisons are kindling the spark
Abundance of wealth devoid of joy

And yet he still finds a way to try and make a mark
The fatal flaw for all to see
Takes all of his strength for him to stay out of the dark
But finding the void will set him free.