1. Another Day

From the recording Deadweight

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Its another day
And I don’t know if I can still maintain
If I've misjudged by heart then nothing will remain

My mind starts to stray
And I don't know if I can take the pain
Decisions turn to outcomes driving me insane

But if its all a game and there's no point to stomping out the flames
I'll set the funeral pyre and watch till all but ashes will remain

Was it a waste of time to build the paper walls in which I hide
I do not think that I can face the world outside

Its another day
And I believe that I can bear the strain
Its either that or find a way to face my shame

Weakness on display
The only option I can't entertain
Imperfection is a truth that I disdain

But if we're all the same and weakness is just part of our refrain
If everything I thought I knew has only served to cause me pain

If I allow the next tide to dissolve the walls that I have built
Exposed and powerless left only with my guilt


I can’t believe how weak you've become
without my voice to choose your path

What made you believe that feeling would
ever make you be a better man in the eyes of anyone

These ideas don't mean anything
They just make you weak and want to avoid the
Fights of life

Treading water with the weight is the only think
That will let you get ahead now


Its another day
And I've removed the doubt that held me back
Renewed intent to gather all that I still lack

I wont fade away
New energy to restart the attack
A firm foundation for a megalomaniac

I just wont contain the drive to capture all I can obtain
My greatest joy comes from knowing that I don't have to explain

With newfound will I choose the passage
I believe wont drag me down
With blissful ignorance I'm on my way to
Drown in the rising tide

If there is a path to triumph
First you have to know the ends
Stepping back from tunnel vision
Will help to understand the mission
Balance in your life
Yes in your life