1. Harvest Soul

From the recording Projective Instruments

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And when you just can’t seem to find your way
The subtle tastes of life are all but gone away
And once there’s nothing left to say
Your biggest flaw is your desire to keep the pain at bay

So now the fruit’s ripe on the vine
So perfect they can take their time
They teach their grotesque pantomime
Using power that’s hard to define

And now the time is right to warp your point of view
You question motive, brace your mind, but there’s nothing you can do
And once you think your thoughts are your own
The shift will come so you won’t be alone

Well I don’t know
And I can’t see
Is there another chance to stand up and be free?
If I can’t find what I think I should be
Then will I hold my arms up high to take the puppet strings?

And if there’s a way to make you see
This path you’re on won’t set you free
You can’t lose the will that makes you feel
That this is all but real

But left all alone then there won’t be
The voice that screams to disagree
Then what is the chance that this could be
Your Harvest Soul in front of me?

But once a man decides
That he is right and all others are wrong
The screws will start to turn
And then he’ll find it won’t be long

But if he finds the will
To recognized the fallacy at play
Then seeds grow into hope
He’ll live to fight another day

The lights now dim and he’s alone
And there is not another way back home
The changing scene reveals his goal
”They’ll never get to claim my Harvest Soul!”

I wanted to find the righteous way
But I can’t take another day
I don’t know if it’s sunny out or grey
Guess it doesn’t matter either way

I needed to keep the pain at bay
But I’ll have to find another way
I thought I could trust in what they say
Until I saw it in the light of day