1. Hold On

From the recording Projective Instruments

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Well once there was a way
Where empathy was still okay
But now it seems that its a weakness
Ridiculed and wrong today

But if there is a chance
Another way to dance
Respect being earned through kindness
It doesn't seem to matter now

But, Hold on
You think you’ve got a better way
But the fabric of our lives will fray
But, Hold on
You think you’ve got the best of me
Maybe one day you’ll wake up and see

The broken hearted’s fall
So distant that he can’t recall
Now it turns to stone so he wont
Have to feel the pain at all

Can’t pay the price to play.
To jump into the fray.
But if you steel your heart to Caring
You can do it anyway

But, hold on
Your choices don’t make you feel free
So you think you’ll take it out on me.
But, hold on
IF I adopt a better way
Dude you won’t see it anyway

I don’t dance
And I don’t sing
But if you give enough attention
I just might try I’ll try anything

I don’t care
I don’t have the time to spare
So if you want a piece of me
I guess you’ll have to wait and see

I don’t know
I can’t see
You’re Cries for help are not likely
To have any effect on me

But I wont try
And I wont feel
The choice I make to take this stance
Will mean there is no second chance

But, hold on
If there’s a chance to make it through
Its Meaning has been lost on you.
But, hold on
You think you’ve got a better way
But we just won’t make it anyway