1. Caveat

From the recording Projective Instruments

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In the time
Before concerns consumed me
A simpler life
Seemed so much less for want
Objectives aimed
At slight and fleeting outcomes
With nothing but my failing pride to flaunt
While thinking that I’m sure of what I want

Aspiring to
A throne of our own making
With haughty goals
We settle for much less
In golden chains
One can convince themselves they're free
While tethered to their comfort like the rest
So caught up in the need for what is best

A wise man said
Be careful what you wish for
Or you might find
That all your hopes are burned
The greener fields
Place blinders on the want for more
The consequence will match what has been earned
But I can't say that I was never warned

Checking out
From all life’s tribulations
Leaves one with
A soft but vapid smile
Nestled safe
In Synthetic cradles
Little gained But to avoid the trial
Oblivious to living for awhile

Looking out
we’re wrapped in disappointment
While inside
We wait for something more
If we find
The source of our discomfort
We lose the battle but could win the war
And realize that there is so much more

Now I pray
For calm and understanding
Simple peace
Accepting what I know
What wont charge
Can truly make you stronger
A failure that’s so beautiful you grow

But how I’m going to get there I don’t know