1. Morning

From the recording Judgment

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The taste of spring has now returned, but winters chill is strong I still can feel it in the air
I can see the tide has turned, what once was clear now fades despite how much I care

I reach out to touch your face, this is my chance to say the things I’ve wished but always lacked
If I could leave this dismal place, I’d grab your hand and run and never once look back

But when the morning comes, you will find I’m on my way
It hurts so much that I can’t stay
Oh lord please give me one more day

We swore we’d never be apart, but you’ve always had the strength to make it without me
The look you give just breaks my heart, I have to be strong and hide my pain so you wont see

And when the morning comes and you find I’m on my way
The pain seems too much to go on
But there’s just too much to be done

Memory is fading now, was it once real
I cannot see you now, but I still feel

And when the morning comes and I’ve long been on my way
You find you made it on your own
I can’t believe how much they’ve grown