From the recording Judgment

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Inside your bubble you accept the warmth but don’t realize the price
Dependence masks your drive your need for sacrifice
You’ve got all that you want but haven’t got a clue about the cost
One day you’ll wake and find that all you’ve had was lost

It’s so convenient when you say that this is not your cross to bear
It is so easy to rely on things that really are not there
But its all hollow comfort lack of knowledge trusting that its true
The disappointment in expecting that the world rise to meet you

And if I try to break it down and make you understand
And if I try to close the book and put it in your hands
And if I try to make you look will you still want to see
The fact that all your problems, they were not caused by me

Lack of perspective makes you hopeless thinking things just are not fair
But if you see it all you’ll fall into despair
Sinking further arms are flailing desperate to touch something real
But there is nothing there, no comfort left to feel

It’s only natural to duck when bullets fly around your head
As long as you are safe it doesn’t matter who else ends up dead
And when this all comes down you’ll need to find a person you can blame
And I am certain when auditions start you’ll ask for me by name